Everyone has always wanted to be their own boss. The lack of start-up capital and viable small business ideas 2023 is the kiss of death for the majority of would-be business owners. It's a prevalent misperception that starting a business necessitates a significant initial investment or substantial planning. However, there are many options available to you that require far less preparation and allow you to concentrate more on implementing your ideas. You want to establish a business but don't know where to start. This blog will present you with various suggestions to get you started.

Dropshipping Business

One of our first great business ideas is dropshipping, because it requires no initial investment and can quickly generate a profit. In the dropshipping fulfillment model, a third-party vendor takes care of stocking and shipping products directly to clients. Because of its minimal start-up costs, simple maintenance, and high potential for growth, it is a great business model for beginners.

Make your own online shop catering to a specific demographic by selecting products from multiple vendors that share a common theme, such as yoga accessories or pet supplies. When a consumer makes a purchase from your store, the order is communicated to the supplier so that they can complete the transaction on your behalf. You must still handle your own advertising and customer support, though.

A trustworthy relationship with a supplier is essential, whether they are located in your immediate area or halfway across the world, because working with a dishonest supplier can have a negative impact on your business's reputation. Before investing in creating your own unique products, dropshipping can be a wonderful way to gauge interest in your offerings and get your business off the ground. In order to guarantee that your supplier is reliable and that the quality of the products is good enough to sell to consumers, you should always obtain a sample for yourself.

Design and sell print-on-demand t-shirts

You may put your design on a variety of different items, such as t-shirts, caps, phone covers, hoodies, skirts, and tote bags. You can start a t-shirt business by coming up with clever phrases for developers or making references that are funny to cat owners.

The base price per unit for many print-on-demand services is higher than it would be if you ordered in bulk. But the plus side is that you don't have to pay for the shirts just yet if a certain design doesn't do well in sales (if you outsourced the design).

Many print-on-demand services can be integrated with your Shopify store to streamline the process of fulfilling customer orders. But always order a sample of your product (sometimes supplied at a discount) to make sure your personalized products look nice before you commit to a large order.

Launch your book

Once you break it down, a book is no different from any other commodity. Thus, you might make one to meet a certain need in the market. You can offer a wide variety of first-of-their-kind publications on the market if you have the knowledge and competence, as well as the creative creativity. Cookbooks, picture books, comic books, and novels are some examples of this type of book. It's one of the most flexible possibilities for a new venture, and that's why it's such a good one.

Even though you have the option of ordering a single book at a time, the price per book drops significantly when you make larger purchases. You might want to think about pre-selling your book idea or crowdsourcing it’s funding to make sure there is a market for it and guarantee a certain number of sales before you commit to a bulk order. 

Create digital products or online courses

On this list of ideas for low-investment small businesses, digital products such as music, courses, podcasts, and templates stand out as being very innovative. They are intangible, in contrast to the other things. Because you won't have to worry about ongoing production or shipping costs, your profit margins will be able to stay healthy. Considering all of these factors, it's another no-brainer that this is one of the greatest businesses to start.

Finding out what characteristics constitute high-quality digital output is the challenge here. What is of sufficient value that individuals are prepared to spend money in order to download it? Some of the answers include information products and templates that help people improve their skills in a certain field, original instrumental beats that other producers can license, stock photos that other creators can license, and so on.

Consider creating a digital product out of your skill set in order to open up a new revenue stream if you have a talent that is capable of being commercialized. You can sell digital products in your Shopify store just as easily as physical ones thanks to a free tool called Digital Downloads that Shopify provides.

Start a homemade and handcrafted goods Business

If you're the type of person who likes to make things from scratch, whether its soap, candles, sauces, or pottery, you're in a prime position to come up with a profitable business plan. Shipping and inventory management are additional considerations that will need to be made, unlike many of the other ideas on this list; however, you may keep things simple by producing on an as-needed or small-batch basis at first, until you establish a regular customer base.

In fact, many Shopify artisans have built successful full-time businesses from humble beginnings, selling handmade goods online at marketplaces like Etsy or eBay or even just to family and friends. If your product is something people may ingest, inhale, or apply directly to their skin, you should be especially aware of any relevant rules.

Become a virtual event planner

If you have a knack for organizing and bringing people together, you can find success in the field of virtual event planning. This market is expected to continue expanding at a rapid clip of 23% annually due to the widespread proliferation of corporate gatherings and the widespread adoption of online meeting tools. If you want to help businesses all over the world connect and learn from one another, consider becoming a virtual event organizer.

Facebook's entry into the metaverse will open up new opportunities for event planners. For instance, the virtual events company Space has acquired funding to expand into new markets. Virtual event planning is a promising field if you're concerned about your future employment prospects.

Offer Childcare

Presently, a crisis in adequate childcare services is being experienced. Parents now have to care for their children at home because of coronavirus exposure, the closure of day cares, and rising prices.

With both demand and supply for childcare on the upswing, now is a great time to launch a new childcare business. There will be federal funding to assist in repairing the childcare sector as part of President Joe Biden's infrastructure program. Starting a childcare business could be a good idea if you like working with kids and meet all the requirements for the business. 

Social Media Management consultant

In October 2022, over 4.74 billion people throughout the world were using social media. Sixty percent of the world's population is comprised of those people. Brands want assistance in managing their presence across the many social media platforms now available, including but not limited to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, TikTok, and many others.

A brand's social media content creation and analysis fall under the purview of a social media manager. In exchange for money, clients will have you make content, craft user profiles, moderate comments, manage advertising campaigns, and more. You could set a rate per hour or per completed project.

Offer subscription boxes

Instead of making your own things to sell, you might try curating. Selling themed subscription boxes that include well-selected products is a great way to start a business.

Subscription boxes are fantastic because they can be tailored to almost any market need. One of the finest subscription box business ideas is to highlight local shops and artisans. As an alternative, you might choose a more specific topic, such as yoga, beer-making, or even pets.

Subscriptions, like memberships, are a wonderful way to generate steady income and can serve as the foundation for a successful business. Subscribers who no longer wish to receive billings must take the initiative to cancel their service. Customers who are interested in the products you've curated can be found among the audiences of many retailers.

Offer phone accessories for sale

The proliferation of mobile phone users has created a sizable industry for supplementary phone products. You can sell these accessories in a wide variety of ways, including print-on-demand, handmade, specialized by product type, dropshipping, and many others.

It's important to specify which phones and tablets your phone accessories are designed to work with when selling them online. A consumer receiving an ineffective product is having a negative experience that may have been avoided.


If we had tried to come up with some clever ideas for a business, we wouldn't have been able to come up with anything clever. You simply need to determine how to resolve a problem that arises in your own life. You have already given some thought to a potential answer to a challenge that you will face in your life or you are well on your way to achieving that goal. If this is the case, then you should consider coming up with ideas for profitable small businesses to start. If you've always wanted to be your own boss and give up the 9-to-5 grind, this opportunity could be perfect for you. All you need is the desire to take charge of your life.