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Development of a CRM System for a Healthcare Company

Our client is the Washington Nutrition and Counseling Group. They have been operating in the vicinity of Washington, D.C., for more than 15 years. Services for mental health are offered. Medication management with psychiatrists through trained therapists. Their services include testing and body sculpting using the Emsculpt Neo and Emtone, in addition to dietitian nutritionists and medical weight loss programs.

The customer needed a platform to link all the providers and patients. The organization was having trouble keeping track of all the details and data pertaining to their leads and providers. The business needed a system to keep an organized record of all of their providers.


Challenges faced by client

With more than 50 service providers working across several divisions, that gets leads. Our client was having an issue in keeping a record of all their providers and customers. They needed a platform that will enable them to maintain contact with their patients and providers, and keep track of appointments and other information.

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Solutions that we provide

Techfye helped the client by offering them an effective solution. Techfye created a customer relationship management system for the company. An organized platform that ensures the smooth and coordinated functioning of the company. We created a website with the CRM system, containing multiple features;

such as a platform that receives leads for its providers from various sources, a log-in system was developed for appointment scheduling and updating patients on the providers' availabilities, a communication system was made to make it easier for patients to have live chats and other direct interactions with their doctors and a billing system was also built to make payments easy for patients. Along with maintaining a record of all the payments.


Tools and Technologies used

Various tools and technologies were used by the creators at TechFye to build an effective and efficient solution for the company. Those tools and technologies included PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and CodeIgniter.


Business Benefits Of CRM provided

An effective CRM system built by the developers at TechFye provides the company with various benefits such as it helps the healthcare sector comply with HIPAA regulations, safeguards patient data, and ensures the privacy of their personal information, enhanced customer satisfaction and retention by identifying specific customer requirements, an effective strategy that ensures business profit, it helps in improving the quality of services and an organized structure to monitor customer relations and customer feedback.


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