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Redesign the website to increase the leads for promotional products

Our client is a company that deals with promotional products and corporate catalog programs. The company operates through a website that has a variety of customizable products available. The customer came to us with a futuristic plan for his company and wanted to increase the quantity of internet inquiries to help the company develop even more.

The website lacked usability, design, and user experience because it was created and designed a long time ago. The objective was to show off the platform's breadth, which included a variety of corporate categories and promotional goods, in a way that was both contemporary and appealing. 


Redesigning the website

Our team of experts identified the upgraded features and functionality that needed to be included. Wire framing was used to lay out the necessary adjustments after various brainstorming sessions with the customer. Next, we improved the website's theme, appearance, and feel. When choosing the website layout and themes, the earlier version required a completely fresh design perspective. Our team worked to make the website more aesthetically pleasing. We altered the typography to make it easier to read and more appealing.

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Marketing of the website

Illustrations and visual content were used in as many locations as possible to increase brand recognition and product branding. For SEO purposes, we even built more landing pages. To encourage people to submit an inquiry, "call to action" buttons were included. Everyone is aware that videos are a fantastic way to highlight your services and their potential impact. In addition to the wonderfully designed UI throughout the platform, we took advantage of this.


Tools and technologies

Various tools and technologies were used by our team of experts to provide an effective and efficient solution. These tools included HTML 5, Bootstrap, JQuery, Marvel, Adobe XD, InDesign, Figma, and Sketch.


Business benefits of a website reboot

Our team of expert designers did an excellent job revamping the entire website. Our client was delighted to see more website engagement in addition to being pleased with the outcomes. A reworked website brought many benefits for his company.

It improved the company’s image with its customers. It brought the company into an advantageous competitive position in the market. An attractive and efficiently functioning website increases customer loyalty and engagement, and the website becomes more cost-effective in the long run.


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