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About Techfye

Techfye has been solving business challenges for customers in United States for over 12 years. We are the Techfye Team, a group of professionals who assist people all around the world in converting their ideas into profitable businesses. Techfye has developed from a promising technological startup to a leading software development company in the United States, servicing thousands of customers globally.

This is only the beginning

We are dedicated to assisting individuals in locating what they require and assisting businesses that provide these services in succeeding. We are accelerating the transition of service companies to a demand-driven, digital economy, assisting them in finding new clients and better managing existing ones. Our success is bringing people's unique perspectives to life using our technology knowledge; this is what we want to be recognized for as a team!

  • OCT 2017

    The company was founded by SM investment Group .INC with the goal of making finding experts to complete any project easier and more efficient.

  • DEC 2017

    Start up! Our first client was seeking a web developer in Houston. They discovered one in less than an hour!

  • AUG 2018

    The company successfully transfers 92% of its clients to the newly established business, recruits three new developers, and expands its client base by 20%.

  • MAR 2019

    Our continuous efforts strengthened our company's structure while also expanding our business accessibility in the US market.

  • FEB 2020

    We emerged as a trust-worthy IT company. But this did not deter us; we were still in the race to stay ahead while providing amazing solutions with new technologies.

  • SEP 2021

    The year 2021 marked a significant turning point in our company, as we were successful in spreading our work in various countries with workforce strength of 100 techie minds.

  • AUG 2022

    We will introduce our new branding and website, in addition to a number of new powerful tools to help our professionals manage their leads. and the best is yet to come.

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Aiding Your Company To Profit From Technology

What we accomplish is deliver high-quality, cost-effective, technology-enabled ideas. We approach each proposal as if it were our own. We thoroughly designed it and will launch it alongside you.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be a worldwide innovation and technology partner for the most ambitious and creative business ideas in the world. Techfye's vision is to become a leading IT company in the United States, delivering various business mobility solutions. The aim is to empower customers and businesses by creating new possibilities while maintaining the highest levels of quality, fulfillment, and visibility.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide a distinct competitive advantage at the intersection of technology and creativity, with the obsession of bringing creative ideas to market as soon as possible. We provide our valuable global clients with customer-centric, result-oriented, cost-effective IT and software solutions. We promote innovation in order to engineer digital success for our customers.

Our Beliefs:

Customers are always at the core of any company. Our position as a competent software development company extends beyond our immediate customers. Before creating a solution that solves critical problems for your company, we always start with where you are with your ideas and evaluate your perspectives and frequent challenges. We’ve understood how to avoid failure and recreate success throughout the years.

Code of Ethics:

Techfye operates in a way that respects people, representatives, communities, and the natural environment by reducing adverse social and environmental impacts and maximizing positive ones. Our primary principle is authenticity, which supports all we do. It is, in our opinion, as good as, if not better than, following the law. It all means keeping our promises and being honest and fair in business. We are a family that values teamwork.

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