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A fun, IoT (internet of things) based game with enticing visual and audio effects that provides an exciting, adventure-filled experience.

Mobile gaming is quickly becoming a significant form of entertainment. Installing mobile games allows users to experience great fun and excitement. With the inclusion of IoT (internet of things) technology in mobile games, it is time to up the fun ante. This cutting-edge technology enables action-packed sports like boxing to become incredibly immersive as well as incredibly natural in look and feel.

At Techfye, we are dedicated to utilizing cutting-edge technological developments, such as IoT, to precisely suit the needs of our clients. We opted to move forward by paying attention to the unique requirements and priorities when the client asked us to design this game using IoT. We spent a lot of effort properly understanding the client's expectations. So we made the strategic decision to move forward with the task. Our one and only goal was to offer the best customer service available.


As the project progresses, challenges emerge

When working on this project, we have experienced challenges in certain scenarios.

The main challenge was the real-time tracking of the API error log. At the same time, we have also faced difficulties in easily connecting with the BLE-enabled tracking sensors. This eventually also makes it a bit difficult for us to obtain live data like the calorie level of the players. Our team also had to experience difficulties while transforming the 2D facial image into the 3D version by integrating the Avatar SDK.

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Techfye aims to maximize user retention

The main goal of the game's design was to use Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to create an immersive playing experience. Maximum user retention and engagement will result from this. Those who enjoy boxing in particular will have the chance to play this game quite interactively and display their talents. In order to enhance the gaming experience, we have also worked to enhance the graphics and audio effects based on the needs of the clients. When the client indicated their delight after carefully reviewing the designed game, we were quite happy.


Feature highlights of this adventure-filled game

Our ability to overcome obstacles is nothing new. Like every game development project, we move forward strategically to get through the challenges and satisfy the clients' exact requirements. This eventually increased the game's attractiveness to the sporting audience. This project serves as an example of our ability to use technology to provide the desired result with unmatched quality.

The game has many features, including avatar selection, punch impact tracking sensors, and interactive integration with the IoT (Internet of Things). There is also a choice of gaming modes, such as ghost, bot, practice, and multi-player. They provide the six main punching variations of the cross, jab, left uppercut, right uppercut, right hook, and left hook.


Technology used by our game developer team

IoT was the primary technology utilized in this game (Internet of Things). This IoT-integrated game's front-end components are powered by Unity. Angular, Node JS, Firebase, SNS, Amazon SES, AWS S3, and Amazon RDS are used on the back-end. To enable a seamless integration of the playing character, we have also installed the Avatar SDK to convert the 2D texture into a 3D texture.


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