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Gaming Startups in Houston

Create games that have a specific goal. Think creatively and decide what users of your ideal game can accomplish. Utilizing our game creation services, evaluate and examine your ideas to come up with the best strategies for creating engaging gameplay.


Techfye is a Well-Known Game Development Company in the United States

Create fun games for iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms. Our game development services for the web encourage game development and rewarding conclusions.


Houston's Best Mobile Games Developing Company

Utilize Unity to create consoles, web plugins, desktop and mobile video games, and more to attract a large audience. With Unity, experience, and expertise, you can create robust 3D game applications that run without a hitch across several platforms.

A bright 3D software toolkit that offers visual effects, 3D printed models, and motion graphics can draw consumers in and pique their interest deliver a top-notch gaming experience using immersive virtual reality, interactive 3D applications, and other means

Our staff is skilled in AR game development methodologies and procedures. We are able to perform marker tracking, edge and three-dimensional shape detection, real-time scale adjustment, cloud marker based augmented reality, mobile/PC/head-mounted display augmented development, and SLAM employing monocular and stereo cameras

With the aid of a powerful programming tool, create exceptional apps that integrate VR, handle data quickly, and have practical support systems

Our VR game developers are experts in 3D technology and graphics and have a wealth of expertise in creating virtual reality games for the web. The group creates premium virtual tours with flawless 360-degree panoramas

Use cross-platform game development's strengths to create excellent games with slick functionality

Use the best game development solutions and game development companies for your mixed reality games

Utilize a platform for no-code game development to ensure game production without programming, coding, or scripting. Build games utilizing a flexible process that is independent of software and design expertise using a distinctive user interface.

Services For Android Game Development In Houston

The android game production business, Techfye, has a wealth of experience in producing excellent 2D and 3D games for a number of target markets. We offer cutting-edge, technologically sophisticated android game creation services that enable our clients to receive the required outcome on schedule and in compliance with all specifications.

Our game development tech stack:


Build your ideal game by utilizing different technologies. To make razor-sharp edges, subdued colors, and shading, either create new effects or edit, modify, and restructure existing ones.


Make a statement with stunning digital graphics created by talented illustrators who deliver top-notch works that suit your needs. Utilize a strong tool, unleash your genuine creativity, and create simple designs that capture the attention of consumers right away.


Allow users to take advantage of animation, 3D modelling, rendering, and visualization to improve the ecology of your mobile application and increase income. Create mobile games that are highly functional, run more quickly, and efficiently to draw in players and increase the visibility of your business.


Explore and fully utilize Unity to create consoles, desktop and mobile video games, online plugins, and more to engage and amuse a large audience. Experience, knowledge, and Unity allow you to create robust gaming applications that run without a hitch across a variety of platforms.


With Photon Thrill, you can entertain your consumers while allowing them to easily add more participants to real-time multiplayer VR games.

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In the field of advanced technology, Techfye has built a Professional Circle of Technical, Development, Designing, Creative, Branding and Support Teams

In the field of advanced technology, Techfye has built a Professional Circle of Technical, Development, Designing, Creative, Branding and Support Teams

Our Game Development Process

From pre-production concept design and sketching all the way through to post-release promotional and marketing images, our art and design services are made to cover every stage of the game development process. In order to really realize our clients' visions for how their games should look and feel, our teams collaborate closely with them. Our process includes:



  • What are we constructing?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What is our spending plan?
  • On what platform will it run?




  • Designing and modelling
  • Technological capabilities
  • Audio and visual effects
  • Developing and rendering



  • Testing strategy
  • Is the game even enjoyable?
  • Upload the game
  • An advertising blitz

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Our advice is to build a checklist that outlines the project parameters and scope before hiring a game developer in order to facilitate future decision-making. Additionally, since game creation is a complicated process, selecting a group of knowledgeable and talented game developers is essential to the successful development and release of the app. To select a mobile game development team, you might consider a game production company's portfolio, market experience, technical expertise, and more.

The most widely used platforms and operating systems for smart devices include Facebook games, Apple iOS, Android, Windows, and PC (Windows) desktop, laptop, and handheld devices.

Yes.You should choose cross-platform mobile development for this kind of development, in which our developers create the primary application using frameworks before deploying it on all of the platforms you choose. Visit our services for cross-platform mobile game development for more details on our cross-platform development offerings.

Unity2D & 3D can give you better gaming tools & skills than Java because it has a larger share of the game development market. In contrast to Unity, a lot more would need to be developed from scratch in Java.

To assure the greatest quality, we adhere to strict procedures. Every project is checked by our QA and QC division, which has a separate division just for that purpose. Before the final handover and deployment, they provide a final "OK" after covering all types of testing.

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