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A CRM solution for retailers and online enterprises

The customer is an American firm that focuses on offering CRM solutions for retail and e-commerce establishments. In the B2C retail business, they are a growing supplier of analytical CRM and consumer targeting systems.

Some of the company's clients operate local and e-commerce retail stores. They were looking for a platform to enhance customer understanding and optimize product promotions across various channels. As a result, the organization had to develop a marketing automation/campaign management program based on an already-built, standardized backend (database + ETL). The system had to have included responsive design principles and sophisticated yet user-friendly graphics at the same time.

Solution and objectives are:

The objective was to choose development frameworks and suppliers that would offer trustworthy and efficient programming both now and in the future. The design and implementation of a web-based CRM targeting system as part of the customer's complete CRM platform for managing marketing campaigns. The project was broken into two stages.

Initially, to provide a final, cutting-edge, and aesthetically pleasing graphical user interface (click dummy) for software as a service (SaaS) paradigm that is web-based. Later, create the graphical user interface in accordance with the specification and compare it to the backend. The supplier should ideally have resources for both screen design and Java programming on his team.


The additional key-highlights of this solution are:

CRM is set up using a SaaS strategy. It is a web-based solution that supports the concept of responsive design. It is a powerful, architecture-based, multi-tenant, and multilingual web application. Its GUI is meta-driven. Tenant-specific attributes may be shown on the screen in any manner the administrator chooses. By combining targeting, media, network operators, timeframes, and output parameters with target audiences, business groups, and user groups, the system makes it simple for users to develop and manage campaigns.

Web Development
  • Custom Development
  • Custom Designing
  • Web CMS Development
  • CRM Application
  • Open Source Solutions
UI/UX Design
  • Prototyping
  • Architecture Design
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Wire framing
Game development
  • Web-based games
  • Games for mobiles
  • 2D and 3D games
  • VR and AR games
  • Unity 3d games
Mobile App
  • Customized solutions
  • Friendly user interfaces
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Cross platform apps
  • Feature-rich hybrid app
MVP Development
  • MVP App development
  • Single Feature MVP
  • MVP Consulting
  • Product Design
  • Launching MVP
  • Development of wallets
  • Defi Development
  • Blockchain advisory
  • Secure crypto wallets
  • Hyperledger technology


Business Benefits:

The new system assisted businesses in developing and monitoring tailored campaigns, allowing them to map client behaviour patterns and develop marketing strategies accordingly. The solution, which functions as an addition to the client's current CRM, is simple to operate and improve.


Tools and technology:

With the help of technologies like NodeJs, AngularJs, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS, they are able to gather crucial market and customer data. These tools improve client comprehension and maximize product advertising across numerous channels.


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