Wadline in the United States has acknowledged Techfye as a top mobile app and enterprise software development business in 2020.

For projects in web, mobile, and software development, Wadline assists clients in finding the top IT firms. Techfye has once again been included in a list of the top firms in November 2020 for creating the best mobile applications. This assists service seekers in preparing to use a pool of businesses from which to select the best one for their needs. Consumers may readily judge how consistently each company performs by reviewing the lists that are released on a regular basis.

Techfye, with a focus on "customization, design, and integration of conversion-driven enterprise solutions,” stands out among its competitors. Mobile apps in general, which have contributed to the development of the market and organizational structures, can be crucial to a company's success, even though virtual reality and augmented reality represent the high end of digital marketing. Brands are increasingly utilizing mobile apps to generate leads and maintain their competitiveness.