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In addition to idea design, asset generation, coding, programming, and testing, Techfye also offers comprehensive 3D game design and development services. High-quality cross-platform games are produced by our developers using well-known game technologies like Unity and Unreal. High-quality graphics and longer game lengths are hallmarks of Unity 3D game creation. This type of graphic is what keeps players interested in the games for extended periods of time.
It is practical. Android 3D games display graphics in a more realistic manner than 2D games, which have static graphics. Background objects and primary moving game component pixels are typically inadequately delivered in 2D. However, while creating 3D video games, art assets can be given as much life as possible.

Essentials for amazing 3D games

Compelling concepts
The greatest 3D game designers are aware of how crucial it is to create a captivating theme and plot that draw in viewers and encourage them to play the game. A roadmap for all teams to follow and a finished game that is seamless in every way will be created by deciding on the type of universe, types of characters, and key gameplay aspects early on.
Great graphics
A compelling 3D game's stunning graphics and artwork are essential to its addictiveness. Characters, settings, cars, objects, weapons, and even clothing are all meticulously created in today's games, which trend toward realistic graphics. This also applies to animations. Setting up a clear creative pipeline for asset production is crucial to avoiding revisions and unwarranted delays.
Level design
It takes a lot of work to create levels for 3D games for iOS and Android. Even if your game has excellent graphics, if it doesn't compel users to play it again or otherwise interest them, that's cause for concern. Experienced 3D game production businesses are aware of how to create captivating levels that incorporate a variety of gaming mechanics.
Performance and optimization 
The huge amount of scene data required for 3D game production must be optimized for fluid character flow and transitions. To provide lag-free gameplay, models and animations need to be optimized for smartphones. Our programmers are skilled and apply cutting-edge game engine optimization techniques to improve gameplay.
3D art
We employ seasoned 3D artists and modelers that produce stunning game art as well as ideal models that perfectly match the game's aesthetic. In order to make your game stand out, our experts will create graphics that are visually appealing, modern, and attention-grabbing.
Game art
Our studio creates visually engaging content for a wide range of game types and platforms. Concept designers, modelers, animators, texture artists, and riggers with extensive training are available at Techfye to efficiently turn your 2D ideas into 3D assets. Our team uses a variety of techniques to produce intricate assets that are tailored for different platforms.
Game testing
Your game will receive the most thorough and meticulous investigation for problems and flaws thanks to the knowledge and experience of our testers, so that everything may be fixed before the release.
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In the field of advanced technology, Techfye has built a Professional Circle of Technical, Development, Designing, Creative, Branding and Support Teams

In the field of advanced technology, Techfye has built a Professional Circle of Technical, Development, Designing, Creative, Branding and Support Teams

Our services

Because we have made several games, we are aware of the qualities that will make them stand out from the hundreds of others that are available. We provide the best 3D game development service in Houston. Look at what we have to offer.
End-to-end 3D game development 
Techfye offers clients all over the world complete game development services. Projects of any magnitude, from conception through deployment, can be carried out by us. With the aid of cutting-edge 3D game production tools like Unity and Unreal, our developers produce 3D games that function flawlessly across numerous platforms.  
Additionally, our team is familiar with the subtleties of 3D game play. We make sure that every component of our 3D games, including the level design and character animation, adheres to the 3D style. We also check that it works with the target systems.
Dedicated art and design team
Our team consists of talented individuals who have spent years honing their skills as concept artists, modelers, animators, texture artists, riggers, and lighting specialists, enabling us to successfully translate 2D concepts into 3D assets. We use a variety of tools to build intricate assets that are tailored for different platforms.
Experience and reliability 
Many thrilling games that we've made—some of which have received awards—have been produced. We take a methodical and organized approach to development in order to guarantee the best possible outcomes. Our work principles include complete transparency, effective teamwork, and clear communication.


Why us?

As one of the best 3D game development studios, we've created fantastic titles for mobile platforms like iOS and Android as well as PCs and Macs. Our creators use three essential traits, including discipline, determination, and dedication, when creating 3D games for Android and iOS. These factors have allowed us to advance so far. We keep in close contact with you and occasionally incorporate your feedback into our designs. Our requirements are comparable to those of leading 3D game companies.



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